How Self-Awareness Can Change Your Life

How Self-Awareness Can Change Your Life

the summer of 2020, amidst the lockdown and height of the coronavirus pandemic, I made the best decision of my life.

I’d just graduated university after one of the toughest years I’ve ever had (academically and emotionally), and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. After a lot of confusion, heartbreak and grief, I decided starting therapy was something that might help clear my head. I let go of my dedication to figure out my future career and

Destigmatising Mental Health

Trigger warning: this article contains references to mental illnesses and suicide.

There are more conversations about mental health now than ever before, but there’s still a noticeable gap in the conversations that are taking place. People aren’t being honest about the brutality of experiencing a mental illness, what it’s really like and what it involves. Those who have not experienced mental health problems, understandably, won’t really be able to comprehend the suffering that comes along with

5 Behaviours I Didn’t Know Stemmed From My Anxiety

5 Behaviours I Didn’t Know Stemmed From My Anxiety

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, mental health professional — or any professional for that matter, just a sufferer of mental health issues who wants to share their experience to hopefully raise awareness for others who may be going through a similar thing.

Anxiety has become a bit of a buzzword recently. I feel like everyone has used it to explain a part of their behaviours, thought patterns or quirks. And yes, everyone does experience anxiety be

Dear Society, Please Stop Asking Me What I’m Doing With My Life

Dear Society, Please Stop Asking Me What I’m Doing With My Life

Not knowing what you want to do with your life is societies biggest consequence. It seems like some sort of twisted punishment that lingers above all of us, frightening us into finding what lies ahead in a future that hasn’t yet been created. We are constantly reminded of how well everyone else in the world is fulfilling their passions and dreams — ironic, isn’t it? That everyone seems to have their life together on social media, b

The Truth Behind Self-Care

Why do bubble baths and candles come to mind when we talk about self-care? Sure, indulging in complete relaxation in a quiet place helps our bodies physically relax, but more often than not, real self-care is not quite as luxurious as that. In order to ‘indulge’ in proper self-care, we must be completely self-aware. We need to understand ourselves fully, every tiny detail about who we really are, in order to know how to properly look after ourselves.

Self-awareness can only start once we have m

Hi, Anxiety.

It’s been a while since we spoke.

There’s so much to say I honestly don’t even know where to begin.

The medication has helped, so I think about you less and find it easier to distract myself from you. But I thought it’s about time I confronted you and be honest about how you make me feel.

I think you’ve always been there. The more I learn about our relationship, the more I realise how long you’ve been with me. Even as a child, you were there, intensifying my thoughts and programming me to ove

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (And Other Lies)

Why is the word feminist associated with such negative connotations? We often hear the word and roll our eyes at the idea of those bra-burning, trouble-making lesbians that hate all men. But so many of us don’t really understand what feminism means, and how false these assumptions are. Once these misconceptions are overlooked, it’s hard not to support the movement. This article will confront some of the major misconceptions and stereotypes that circulate the social conversation around feminism,

The Difference Between Feminism and Femininity

The Difference Between Feminism and Femininity

The word ‘feminism’ sparks controversy for both men and women across the globe. There is a stigma surrounding the word that invites many people to view feminists as angry, men-despising women who encourage social and political chaos. The feminism movement has also had a turbulent relationship with the concept of femininity and how the two can co-exist.

There is not one singular way to be a feminist. As long as you believe that women experience dis

If You’re An Animal Lover, Why Aren’t You Vegan?

If You’re An Animal Lover, Why Aren’t You Vegan?

And yes, that title was inspired by the famous Mean Girls line.

Even if you think you’re staying to leave a shitty comment below, it will be well worth your time, I promise.

Many of you will be rolling your eyes, perhaps even gagging just at the thought of going vegan!

I get you, I was there once too.

I thought vegans were arrogant and stopping traffic for the sake of being difficult, a stereotypical view many of us encourage.

But, what I ha

10 Things No One Tells You About Your Healing Journey

10 Things No One Tells You About Your Healing Journey

Deciding we want to be a better version of ourselves involves a lot of hard work. It might be that you want to move on from hardships in your past, or you’re on a journey of self-discovery. Whatever our destination is, the journey we embark upon to get there is the important part. It takes time, dedication and even more hardship — which might seem counterproductive. Instagram will tell us ‘healing isn’t linear’ and to ‘live our best lives’,