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Take a look at my services below. My rates vary based on the project.

Content writing & editing

We're not all born to be writers, and that's ok. Using a service like mine to optimise your content is a smart way of investing your time and money. I can provide blogs in your brand's tone of voice, write your website and social media copy, and offer editing services too.

Email marketing campaigns

Once someone becomes a customer, the goal changes to keeping them or bringing them back again. The key to that is a well thought-out email campaign. Whether you want a single newsletter or a full-blown campaign, I’m here to help.

Branding & marketing

The tone of voice is what brings all your copy and content together. I can help you create a consistent brand personality with a customer persona, and a tone of voice guide you can follow to make sure whatever you publish is on-brand.

Social media management

Keeping up with trends and consistency on social media is crucial to grow your business online. That being said, it can be a chore and takes a lot of planning and organisation. Let me help you with that.